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The kitchen island is the centrepiece of any kitchen. From creating home-made baked goods; cook up something delicious on the integrated cooktop with grill. A warm and attractive space where family and friends can gather to socialise and so much more, the island should be considered an essential part of any modern kitchen design where space permits.


Our beautiful custom made handcrafted pantry is a must for the home chef. Choose from a vast selection of intelligent storage solutions to be incorporated inside your pantry design.  If you need more kitchen storage a pantry is the perfect solution for your kitchen storage.


Worktops are one of the biggest considerations in any kitchen design. Choose to have a one-of-a-kind piece of natural stone for your luxury worktops shaped to your specifications, or a stunning man made alternative which offers more consistency in appearance and won’t stain. We have a beautiful range of worktops in a wide range of colours to complement any scheme.


Handles, knobs, pulls and hardware put the finishing touches to every kitchen design. We offer an extensive range of traditional, modern and custom kitchen handles in your choice of beautiful finishes – from polished chrome to antique brass – so you can bring the ultimate style and elegance to your home.


Our range of luxury kitchen taps and sinks available is simply remarkable. We offer a large selection of stainless steel and ceramic sinks – including the very latest ranges. With instant, boiled and filtered water provided on tap by luxury brands are all available.


A beautiful natural stone floor is the perfect accompaniment for your dream kitchen. Totally stunning and hard wearing, stone will give you all the practical benefits of the finest materials with a timeless appeal you can treasure for years to come. Any of our natural stone, marble, granite or tile floors can be installed with under-floor heating, we can offer a range of stunning stone flooring options for your new kitchen renovation.

Remodel Your Kitchen & Get A Scandinavian Style Dream Kitchen

Scandinavian Style Kitchen Renovations

Scandinavian kitchens are known for modern style and their open feel. They feature components like wooden details, white walls and colourful accents in the form of textiles and other graphic flourishes. Other Scandinavian kitchen basics comprise clean lines, metallic touches, and sculptural details in the kind of attributes like pendant lighting.

Given the fact that the kitchen is primarily a functional space although in a lot of modern houses it doubles as a social area, a Scandinavian layout satisfies it nicely. The simplicity and freshness typical to this style are perfect when combined with optimal storage and adroit and efficient layouts.

Open shelves are especially common in Scandinavian kitchens. They’re easy to find and considered really practical, letting you easily organize, store and display things which are always within reach.

Even though white isn’t the most practical color as it pertains to the kitchen, Scandinavian decors constantly find a means to allow it to be appear stylish. It’s not unusual for the kitchen in such cases to have either a wooden floor with a light color or a black and white checkerboard floor. The black and white blend is, in addition, commonly used for the rest of the décor too.

The primary features of this style enables it to be applied in contemporary and modern kitchens where minimalism is a must. Here, the décor stays interesting and eye-catching through modern twists added to classical elements or through sudden combinations of colors, textures and shapes.

The lighting is important in any kitchen and in the instance of of Scandinavian interiors an unique area is occupied by it. Chandeliers, pendant lamps, sconces and spotlights are the details which add character to the space. And the final look is exquisite.

Maximum style with minimum fuss is what Scandinavian interior design is about.

Simplicity and function are the guiding principles that have shaped the design sensibilities of Nordic Europe, resulting in spaces suffused with airiness, light, serenity and a feeling of oneness with nature.

A mélange of styles from Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland, Scandinavian interior design principles play up natural elements, favour unbiased colour palettes, keep lines simple and squeeze best function out of every part of the décor.

The straightforward chic of this fuss-free style has won converts over the world.

Scandinavian interior design took the world by storm after the 1947 version of the Triennale di Milano, a popular design exhibition in the Italian city of Milan. Glassware, furniture and home accessories from the Nordic countries were a sense at the show and became a fad around the world shortly after.

Capitalising on this new popularity, the Design in Scandinavia show travelled across the U.S. and Canada from 1954 through 1957. Even more grew as a result.

It’s fascinating how differently Scandinavian styles evolved from design in the rest of Europe, which generally favoured opulent and ornate décor inspired by the luxurious lifestyles of aristocracy and royalty. The Nordic people charted a different design class, preferring the practical deciding, to the plush function over frills.

Life in the area was mostly responsible for shaping Scandinavian design. Long, brutal winters with hardly any hours of daylight kept people indoors for many months. Furthermore, most people lived in little houses. So it was critical to make houses feel cosy however airy, with every item in it reflecting as much ambient light as possible.

Quite like the people, the emerging design sensibility was egalitarian, shunning the elaborate and observing simple sophistication that looked accessible to all. The result was a design that masterfully combined beauty with practicality.

Though the popularity of Scandinavian layout waned in the 1980s, it soared in the subsequent decade when the style was reinterpreted. The 1990s found designers in Scandinavian states treating every item they fashioned as individual components of design for use in décor, creating bold and exceptional statement pieces.


Arranging a consultation with one of our expert kitchen designers is easy. Simply call the number below to schedule a no-obligation in-home consultation. We will meet you in the comfort of your own home.

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Designing your new dream kitchen because kitchens are for more than just cooking. Whether it's breakfast with the kids, brunch with family and friends; a romantic candlelit dinner for two; you'll be cooking in a new kitchen. And you will want to relax, read, work, and help the kids with home-work. Life revolves around your new kitchen and thats is the very first thing we ask you when we are helping you design your dream kitchen. So how do you want to use your new kitchen?

Kitchen Designer Consultation


An in home visit will be arranged at a convenient time for you. During the complementary consultation we will take the time to understand what you are looking for in a kitchen remodel, how you use the kitchen and the features you want. The initial consultation is all about you and how we can turn your dream kitchen into reality.


We totally understand that planning a kitchen remodel is a huge decision, driven by the desire to have a dream kitchen become reality. We will turn your kitchen dreams into a fully functional kitchen. Tell our expert kitchen designer how you will use the new kitchen space and let us create the first step in making your dream kitchen come true.


After we obtain all the details, your floor plans and elevations, your kitchen designer will create a virtual 3-D walk-through of your kitchen. Our three-dimensional floor plan let's you to see how your finished design will look. This allows you to make fine adjustments until you are totally satisfied with your new dream kitchen.


The time honored tradition of fine craftsmanship continues today. With years of experience in building cabinetry, no detail is overlooked and the commitment to providing exceptional cabinets for your kitchen means that our kitchens are built to a higher standard.



Our master craftsmen are all highly accomplished and experienced in their own specialist field. Our tradesmen are skilled in traditional handmade techniques such as Dovetail joints, Mortise & Tennon and they have expert knowledge of the materials and craft every last detail of your kitchen to the highest standards.
Kitchen Cabinets Hand Made From Highest Quality Materials


Beautiful cabinetry carved from solid pieces of quality woods; luxury kitchen worktop materials from granite, marble to stainless steel; solid brass hinges and chrome handles; and state-of-the-art appliances from the leading brands. These are just a few of the special touches that give your dream kitchen an unmistakeable air of quality.


It’s our unique process of remodeling a kitchen which sets us apart. We utilize the latest modern technology along with traditional skills of cabinetry. Our process of renovating your kitchen assures you we can design kitchen cabinets and furniture precisely to fit any space and every aspect undergoes numerous quality checks.


Our kitchens are designed and crafted to perfection and it's no surprise that our kitchen installers are just as skilled and experienced in their own field. Our experienced kitchen installation teams offer courtesy and respect to give you peace of mind when we're in your home.

Kitchen Designer Consultation


Our dedicated project managers ensure your kitchen installation is completed without a hitch. From site survey to installation of all of the components, our professional kitchen installers work with care of you and your home, we make the entire process stress-free.

Total Satisfaction Project Managers


The whole process from design, cabinet building through to installation of flooring, plumbing, electrical, stone and tile work, to the final coat of paint is scrutinised to the last detail. All of the fine adjustments will continue until you’re absolutely delighted with your new kitchen.
Kitchen Designer Consultation


The final touches are completed to your dream kitchen remodel following installation, we paint with an expert's touch, we make micro adjustment to the cabinetry, put a final polish on worktops and make absolutely certain your new dream kitchen exceeds you're totally satisfied and expectations.



"You stood out as the best all round full kitchen remodelling service and the only company that we didn't have any issues with. The quality of the design, the installation and the service was excellent. The kitchen Installation went without any trouble at all and the team we dealt with were more than helpful."



We assign a project manager to ensure your kitchen design and build is finished on time and to the highest standards. Your total satisfaction our number one priority. Your dedicated project manager will make your kitchen renovation run as smooth as possible. We are there with you every step of the way before, during and after your kitchen remodel.

Dreaming Of A New Scandinavian Style Kitchen?

We are one of Southern California's premier kitchen design and build contractors. Whether your style of a kitchen is traditional or modern we can design a dream kitchen that is perfect for you and the way you live. From big family kitchens, to sleek galley kitchens for your condo we can design the kitchen and we even hand build your new kitchen cabinets to your specifications.
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